Personal Protection Dogs & Their Many Benefits

In this world of sophisticated home alarm systems, many people protect their homes with digital systems. However, consider how much more rewarding it can be to have a personal protection dog that can protect you in so many more places.

If you are security-minded, you will feel much safer in a society of violent crimes. You should consider the possibility of owning a protection dog. You and your family will feel much safer.

Our society is one that can be violent and criminal. Economic depression increases this negative trend since so many people are out of jobs and need money to care for themselves.

What Dog Should You Choose?

When you look at personal protection dogs for sale, the key aspects of dogs that are suitable for personal protection dogs include willingness to work, excellent health, alertness, excellent temperament and intelligence. According to, the dog you select should have all of these desirable traits and be rigorously tested and trained in protectiveness and obedience.

Trainers and their methods are a vital part of preparing a useful and faithful protection dog for you or your family. Universal K9 training will give the dogs simulations for any possible situation and environment they may encounter. The methods used by the company you choose have been refined and proven, and they will deliver you the most trustworthy and reliable companions you will find.

Protections Dogs Are Effective Deterrents for Crime

In many studies, and in interviews with convicted burglars, protection dogs have been at the top of the list as deterring criminal intent. This is because:

  • Dogs can hear suspicious sounds much earlier than digital alarm systems.
  • Criminals fear attacks by dogs.
  • Dog barking alerts not only homeowners but also their neighbors to trouble, faster than criminals can react.
  • Disarming a protection dog is a lot riskier than disabling a digital alarm system.

Many criminals have admitted to law enforcement officers that they will bypass any property they might have targeted if there is any sign that the homeowners have personal protection dogs. They just move on to easier targets.

Dogs are not the first security measure that people think of, but they are quite an effective choice, and their benefits go way beyond those of monitored surveillance or alarm systems.

Trained personal protection dogs are highly effective and obedient, and also give you the bonus of canine companionship. A personal protection dog can be your best means of defense – and he can also be a faithful friend.

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(Posted by: Brad Croft of Universal K9)