Texas State Approving Agency (TVC) Approves Several Universal K9 Course

Red McCombs and Universal K9 Supporting Law Enforcement by Providing K9 Training and Saving Dogs!

Universal K9 the leader in providing trained police dogs FREE to police departments nationwide, announces the collaboration between Red McCombs and Universal K9 to help underfunded police departments in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Red McCombs a long supporter of many causes in San Antonio has once again shown his generosity by donating a K9 and training to Castroville PD. This will be the 1st K9 to join the Castroville police department and has already helped take dangerous drugs off their streets. The collaboration supports much more than law enforcement it also supports saving dogs that would otherwise be euphonized in shelters across the US. The program is a win, win, win saving dogs, to help law enforcement protect our communities while saving valuable tax dollars. Shawn Barry the GM for one of Red McCombs dealerships noticed the potential of this program and wanted to help. Universal K9 has made headlines with the organization’s efforts to both save dogs that would otherwise be euthanized and provide invaluable aid to underfunded police and sheriff departments. The company’s efforts have been highlighted numerous times in the news, featured on ABC World News, People Magazine, and Huffington Post. Brad Croft wants cities and their police departments to know, if you’re spending $15k plus on dogs from breeders overseas you are wasting taxpayer dollars doing it! Universal K9 and business leaders like Red McCombs help to provide capable dogs from an untapped source. “Any dog can do this work,” he explains. “It doesn’t take a German Shepherd, Belgian Mal, Dutch Shepherd or Lab to do this work – you just need a good dog. Given the opportunity, any dog can be as productive as any other typical police dog. The good news is that as we place these dogs with police and sheriff departments around the US, the perception of breed specific dogs will turn the corner.”