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This is a video of a junk yard dog born on the street that ended up in a shelter at 3 months old.

This is a video of a specially bred dog from overseas. This dog had been trained from 6 weeks of age to adult for this work.

Now do you think it takes a special breed dog to perform great work? If you’re like the millions of people who thought it did, you now know it doesn’t! Any dog that has the will and drive can do this work! There is no need to spend $10s of thousands of dollars on specially bred dogs when there our countless dogs in our shelters completely capable of doing the same work. Just like in K9 Sadie’s case, these dogs can work better than the specially bred dogs from overseas. Donating will help save the lives of countless dogs and provide law enforcement the help they need to protect our communities without wasting tax payer money. A specially bred dog from overseas costs between $15,000 to $20,000 depending on the amount of training. With a donation of either amount you can help save 3 to 4 dogs to donate to law enforcement. Your help is a no brainer and solves multiple problems (saves a dog, helps law enforcement, saves tax payers money). Your help to this program is the only non-profit that offers an unlimited amount of dogs to any law enforcement agency. With approximately 1 million dogs per year being euthanized, these dogs could easily be used for helping law enforcement protect our communities. Your donation will help train officers to work as a team with their new partner.

How do you help dogs?

  • The dogs we seek for our program are dogs that do not show well in adoptions. These dogs are often left in shelters for long periods of time
  • Dogs that make our program are given a job to focus the energy that has left them homeless.
  • These dogs are given a purpose and lift their confidence to a new level.

How do you help communities?

  • Dogs that are discarded and end up in shelters have a low rate of finding a stable home. Our program provides stability to the dog and our communities by providing a service with their god given ability.
  • Drugs and weapons plague our communities. Dogs can help detect their presence and eliminate them from causing harm.
  • Our children our innocent and these shelter dogs can help protect our children from those who wish to do them harm.

How do you help save taxpayer money?

  • When dogs end up in a city shelter and stay for extended periods of time, the taxpayer pays the bill. Universal K9’s grant program eliminates these costs.
  • When police departments spend tens of thousands of dollars to acquire a specially bred dog trained for this work tax payers pay the bill. Universal K9’s grant program eliminates these costs.
  • When police departments spend thousands of dollars to be specially trained to handle these dogs taxpayers pay the bill. Your donation eliminates these costs.

Please Mail All GIFT CARD Donations to:

***14439 NW Military Hwy Ste 108-105 SA TX 78231***