Trainers Course

Canine Trainer / Instructor

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This 400-hour program of instruction prepares a student for an entry level position as a canine trainer preparing dogs to work in law enforcement, government contract, or security work. Students will learn the proper techniques in canine safety and care; dog selection & evaluation; obedience training; detection training; patrol training; canine behavioral modification; scent theory; search patterns; trainer/instructor teaching techniques; handling explosives & narcotics; and validation & legal considerations. This course is only offered at our San Antonio location at this time.

Upon completion of this program students will receive a certificate of completion. This is a certificate of completion and competency as a Canine Trainer (Patrol and Detection) which is industry recognized.

Admission Requirements:

Individuals applying for this course are required to:

  • Be at least 18 years of age; and
  • Present proof of secondary education (high school diploma or GED certificate)

Total Cost of Program (Tuition): 15,000

Subject # Title Course Time (Hours) Lecture / Lab (Total)
TR-01 Canine Safety & Care 1 / 9 (10)
TR-02 Dog Selection & Evaluation 1 / 19 (20)
TR-03 Obedience Training 4 / 76 (80)
TR-04 Detection Training 2 / 43 (45)
TR-05 Patrol Training 2 / 38 (40)
TR-06 Canine Behavioral Modification 5 / 155 (160)
TR-07 Scent Theory 2 / 3 (5)
TR-08 Search Patterns 1 / 4 (5)
TR-09 Trainer / Instructor Teaching Techniques 1 / 19 (20)
TR-10 Handling Explosives & Narcotics 1 / 4 (5)
TR-11 Validation & Legal Considerations 1 / 9 (10)
400 (total)

Subject Descriptions:10984106_869460616454060_161195763932423222_n

TR-01: Canine Safety & Care

In this subject, students will learn the proper techniques in the following topics which include feeding, kennel care, vet care, medication, safety in transportation, first aid, urgent care, illicit drugs, and proper care of canine equipment. [Prerequisites: none] 10 hours

TR-02: Dog Selection & Evaluation

Topics include standardized evaluation techniques for dog selection, testing and evaluations, and overview of specialty working dog breeds. [Prerequisites: none] 20 hours

TR-03: Obedience Training

In this subject, students will learn the theory and practical applications in obedience training in the following topics which include commands, basic obedience exercises, proper use and functions of canine training equipment, off-leash obedience training, and canine control at a distance training. [Prerequisites: none] 80 hours

TR-04: Detection Dog Training

In this subject students will learn the theory and practical applications of canine detection in the following topics which include principles of detection, seek-fetch, types of reward and responses. Students will also be introduced to techniques in handler actions, false response identifications and pinpoint. Students will participate in extensive field work in narcotics & explosives detection. [Prerequisites: none] 45 hours

TR-05: Patrol Dog Training

In this subject, students will be introduced to both the theory and practical applications of patrol work and bite work. Topics include controlled aggression with correct positioning and commands, agitation and handler techniques to develop controlled aggression, out, attack ,false run, re-attack, escort, gunfire and cover. Field practical instruction will include student participation in scouting, building searches, decoy techniques for temperament, instinct, prey drive, play drive, defense drive, fight drive, pack drive, nerve strengthening, imprinting, compulsion, anthropomorphism, shaping, rewards, and learning curves. [Prerequisites: none] 40 hours

TR-06: Canine Behavioral Modification & Problem Solving

Focus will be on canine trainer instruction with problematic canine behaviors. Topics include instinct, reward, imprinting, and green dog teaching techniques. Student will be given opportunity to work closely with canines with problem behaviors to directed to problem solving tactics. [Prerequisites: none] 160 hours

TR-07: Scent Theory

Students will be introduced to canine scent theory, including the mechanics of scent dispersal. Special topics will include canine and climatic effects on canine scent work. Applications to deployment of detection canines and search techniques will be discussed. [Prerequisites: none] 5 hours

TR-08: Search Patterns

Students will be introduced to systematic searches in vehicles, open areas, buildings, luggage and schools. Students will learn specifics of canine handler techniques with bomb threats, VIP sweeps and US Customs searches. Field practical instruction will include participating in actual searches (both narcotics and explosives) in open areas, schools, vehicles, homes, commercial buildings and luggage. [Prerequisites: none] 5 hours

TR-09: Trainer / Instructor Teaching Techniques

Overview of teaching methods, both classroom field practical training for providing canine trainer instruction. Students will identify and learn how to correct common errors in new canine handlers and best practices for training new handlers. [Prerequisites: none] 20 hours

TR-10: Handling Explosives & Narcotics

Student will be instructed in narcotics handling and storage procedures, responsibility, procedures, storage, destruction and control. Students will also be instructed in explosives handling and storage procedures, responsibilities, procedures, storage, destruction and control. [Prerequisites: none] 5 hours

TR-11: Validation & Legal Considerations

Students will be instructed in methods for validation of a detection canine. Students will discuss legal considerations, including validation, documentation, use of force, and search & seizure concerns. [Prerequisites: none] 10 hours