K9 Recertification Course

We know training a K-9 or learning how to can be a complex process. It requires diligence, focus and a dedication to the well-being of all parties involved. And, while beneficial for society as a whole, the process must be overseen by those who know what they’re doing. That’s why Universal K-9 offers re-certification courses for our trainers and trainees.
Each K-9 team (dog and handler) is required to have a recertification to ensure they are equipped with the proper skills to work together in the line of duty. And it’s something that needs to be taken very seriously: this is an annual and required course by state law.
The course will require them to perform specific tasks as a K-9 team, such as building searches, vehicles lots, traffic stops and day and night searching. For our students, we try to create real-life situations the trainer and the K-9 may find themselves in on a daily basis. This helps test the capability and skill of the K-9 team, which is exactly what the recertification course is meant for.
Our staff consists of well-trained K-9 experts, all of whom have years of experience out in the field with these dogs. They’ve been making sure our customers are in good hands at all times since 2010. And that’s a guarantee.
To find out more about our recertification and training courses, contact Universal K9 today!