K9 Interdiction Course

K-9 Interdiction Course Outline

***This course is also offered ONLINE through Live Streaming***

This Course is designed to train K-9 handlers in the techniques of how to identify contraband smugglers and narcotics users during transit. Course will cover passenger, commercial vehicle interdiction, along with Hotel, and Consensual Encounter interdiction.
How to conduct a systematic traffic stop on both passenger and Commercial Motor Vehicles.
K9 handler team will be instructed and placed into scenario based training involving; vehicle searches, residential searches, and traffic stops. Handler will be instructed how to conduct a systematic search, this increases the opportunity for locating contraband.

K-9 Deployment

  • Ensuring safety and timing of deployment
  • Working in scenario based environment
  • Working the scent and understanding effects of odor
  • Understanding how masking agents are used
  • Articulate K9’s actions during a deployment
  • Document the K-9 alert correctly and efficiently
  • Determine a lingering odor and where the source odor is located
  • How to identify non-factory compartments
  • Handling evidence
  • Report writing

Search warrants

  • Understand what is needed to write a search warrant for various types of incidents
  • Writing your own search warrants
  • Support your search warrants in court

How to conduct and when to use a K9 for controlled sniff

  • Location
  • Initial setup

Document K-9 deployments and training

  • K9 reporting systems, choosing the correct system for your department
  • How often to train and retaining training locations

Probable Cause and Consent searches

  • Understand the difference
  • When to ask for consent and be able to articulate common indicators of deception
  • Define Probable Cause with and without K9

Additional topics

  • Demonstrations
  • Monthly reports for K9
  • Training aids
  • Food and Exercise
  • Equipment
  • Policy and Procedures