Universal K9 Offers to Organize Veteran Volunteer K9 Program to Protect Students, In Wake of Tragic School Shooting

After the tragic events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Universal K9 offers assistance to create a Veteran volunteer-based K9 program to safeguard students at district schools.

San Antonio, Texas February 18, 2018 – In the wake of a tragic school shooting that left seventeen young women and the shooter arrested, and 15 critically injured, Universal K9 has offered to create a Veteran based volunteer-based K9 program to help protect students throughout the district from gun violence.

At least 17 people were killed, and 15 others sent to the hospital, according to law enforcement officials. This is the second-deadliest school shooting in American history, with more fatalities than the 1999 Columbine massacre in which the two assailants murdered 13 people and then took their own lives. (The 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, in which the shooter killed 26 children and staff, remains the deadliest.

Universal K9 reached out in 2014 to offer this pilot program to Marysville-Pilchuck High School when a student had pre-selected his victims and invited each of the five students via text message to join him at lunch. After shooting them at the table, Fryberg turned the gun on himself. A program through Universal K9 can help deter this activity and keep children safe in our schools and costs down.

“It’s such a horrible thing, and we hear about events like these too often these days,” said Brad Croft of Universal K9. “Schools should be safe havens for our children, places where they can learn, grow and make friends without fear that someone will bring a gun to school. To help make that a reality and to combat this frightening trend, we’re offering to help every school district in the United States create a volunteer-based K9 program to detect and deter guns and drugs in schools through the use of VETERAN and SHELTER DOGs. You have to stop or deter the perpetrator before they enter the school”

Universal K9 Seeks Corporate Sponsors to Support Shelter Dog Training Fundraiser

Universal K9 has announced a Go Fund Me campaign to train shelter dogs for police service and seeks corporate sponsors to help reach the campaign’s funding goal.

San Antonio, Texas, January 26, 2018 – Universal K9, a groundbreaking police dog training organization based in Texas, has today announced an initiative that will be supported through a Go Fund Me campaign. The campaign’s goals are simple – to adopt high-drive, high-energy dogs from shelters, train them, and place them with police and sheriff departments across the US.

According to Brad Croft, founder and professional trainer at Universal K9, “Most people assume that it’s only purebred dogs that make good K9 officers – German shepherds and the like. However, the truth is that all types of dogs have the potential to learn to detect and track drugs and guns, or to protect officers and citizens.”

Universal K9’s campaign goals are simple:

  • Rescue dogs that would not be adopted from the threat of euthanasia
  • Train those dogs to detect, track and protect
  • Home those dogs with law enforcement departments across the US
  • End breed-specific legislation (BSL)

Croft points out that while the program has idealistic goals, they are also based in financial common sense. A purebred European-trained police dog usually costs a department between $15,000 and $20,000. Universal K9 adopts shelter dogs, trains them, and places them with departments at no cost.

Universal K9 has seen significant success with their efforts. Currently, the company trains between 20 and 40 dogs per month, and there remains a lengthy waiting list of law enforcement departments. Since 2010, the organization has placed thousands of dogs with departments across the US, including pit bulls.

Today, Universal K9 seeks corporate sponsors to help the organization purchase new properties, renovate currently owned properties, and get more dogs out of shelters, trained and serving American communities.

To donate to Universal K9’s Go Fund Me campaign, visit https://GoFundMe.com/UniversalK9. To learn more about Universal K9, visit http://www.UniversalK9Inc.com.

About Universal K9: Universal K9 a non-profit that solely exists to save dogs, to help law enforcement and veterans excel in their futures jobs. Our program is unlike any other known in the US and has successfully saved and placed thousands of dogs