Imprisoned Universal K9 Founder Seeks President Trump’s Pardon

Brad Croft, founder of Universal K9, seeks President Trump’s pardon in what is a wrongful conviction on charges related to defrauding the US GI Bill program of almost $1.5 million.

San Antonio, Texas, July 25, 2020 – Brad Croft, founder of the police and military dog training school Universal K9, is pleading with President Trump for leniency. In late 2019, Croft was found guilty of 16 charges related to defrauding the GI Bill program and identity theft, but maintains his innocence. 

“My business saved dogs that would have been euthanized, trained them to detect drugs, and donated them to police departments across the country. At 6 AM on August 2018, over 50 FBI agents raided my business. They pulled me and my daughter out at gunpoint,” Croft explained.

Universal K9 gained nationwide notice for the Croft’s role in saving shelter dogs and helping to make America a safer place to live, and was even featured on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer. Croft also provided training to US Military veterans, helping them integrate into civilian life and offering them a mission. 

In 2013, veterans began learning about attending Croft’s school using GI Bill benefits. To support their efforts, he applied to become a VA-approved school, which required at least one qualified instructor. Croft provided four instructor names he hoped to use as the business grew, which led to the government’s case.

Today, Brad Croft is imprisoned in a facility already seeing cases of COVID-19 among the inmates and guards and is experiencing symptoms of the disease himself. If left unaddressed, this possible wrongful conviction could transform from XX years in prison to a death sentence. 

“God gives us a purpose,” Brad Croft said. “My purpose is to serve others as I was doing before the government stormed my business with machine guns and battle ram trucks for crimes I did not commit. I humbly ask President Trump to show me the same mercy he showed Roger Stone and Navy Seal Gallagher.”

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About Universal K9: Universal K9 trained personal protection dogs, arson dogs, narcotics/explosives dogs and numerous other service animals. The company provided dogs to police and military forces, transit terminals, businesses, and schools.

Donate For Dogs! Calling All Who Care About Saving Dogs and Changing Lives!

Universal K9 has officially announced a fundraiser to support the adoption, law enforcement training and homing of dogs from shelters across the US.

San Antonio, Texas, January 29, 2018 – Universal K9, an organization with a reputation for both high-quality K9 training and compassionate outreach, has announced the debut of a fundraising campaign. The goal is to rescue dogs that would not usually be adopted, those with energy and high prey drive, train them and place them with US law enforcement departments in need.

“We need the support of dog lovers across the country,” explained Brad Croft, operations director at Universal K9. “Most people think only purebred dogs like German shepherds can be trained for law enforcement. That’s not accurate. Really, almost any dog has the potential to be trained and to serve their community, including maligned breeds like the pit bull.”

To date, Universal K9 has been very successful with their program, training between 20 and 40 dogs per month, and placing them with law enforcement agencies across the US. However, there are still departments waiting, and every day, thousands of dogs are needlessly euthanized, simply because no one would adopt them. Universal K9 seeks to increase their output to 120 dogs trained and rehomed with law enforcement departments per six weeks.

In addition, the organization seeks funding to support ending breed-specific legislation permanently, and to educate people that “dogs are dogs, and aggression is a byproduct of poor handling”.

Contributions will go to support the purchase of new training facilities in several states, renovating existing facilities, and getting more dogs out of shelters across the country and serving US communities. The program will have a ripple effect, saving taxpayers money, and creating safer, happier communities while saving dogs from destruction.

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About Universal K9: Universal K9 a non-profit that solely exists to save dogs, to help law enforcement and veterans excel in their futures jobs. Our program is unlike any other known in the US and has successfully saved and placed thousands of dogs.