Texas Shelter Dog Producing Big Results For a Smallarizona Police Department

Springerville Arizona Police Department “K9 Auggie” Alerts to Vehicle possessing 86.5lbs of Marijuana with street value of $271,000.00.

On the evening of 2/6/2016 Officer Jones conducted a traffic stop in the area of 456 S. Mountain Ave in Springerville. During contact with the occupants of the vehicle, Officer Jones observed several criminal indicators leading him to believe a load of illegal drugs may be in the vehicle. Springerville Police Department’s K9 Officer Biggs and narcotic detecting K9 Auggie were called to assist. K9 Auggie indicated a positive alert to the odor of narcotics within the vehicle. A probable cause search revealed a total of 86.5 lbs of Marijuana. Investigation indicated the Marijuana was being transported from the Arizona/Mexico border to the eastern part of the United States. K9 Auggies story is nothing short of awesome as K9 Auggie was once a shelter dog carried for by Texas Star Rescue, Lori Morgan and her fantastic crew of women who make things happen for unwanted dogs and cats. This group is responsible for K9 Auggies success and they quietly save countless animals on a daily basis never looking for any recognition doing it. Texas Star Rescue and Universal K9 have teamed on many dogs and have successfully placed them with police departments all over the US for FREE! Universal K9 has made headlines with the organization’s efforts to both save dogs that would otherwise be euthanized and provide invaluable aid to underfunded police and sheriff departments. The company’s efforts have been highlighted numerous times in the news, featured on ABC World News, People Magazine, and Huffington Post. Brad Croft wants cities and their police departments to know, if you’re spending $15k plus on dogs from breeders overseas you are wasting taxpayer dollars doing it! Universal K9 and groups like Texas Star Rescue in Longview Texas have been providing capable dogs from an untapped source. “Any dog can do this work,” he explains. “It doesn’t take a German Shepherd, Belgian Mal, Dutch Shepherd or Lab to do this work – you just need a good dog. Given the opportunity, any dog can be as productive as any other typical police dog. The good news is that as we place these dogs with police and sheriff departments around the US, maybe the perception of breed specific dogs will turn the corner.” To find out more about Universal K9 or the new training and placement program, visit http://www.UniversalK9Inc.com. About Texas Star Rescue: Texas Star Rescue is Located in Longview Texas and is a 501 3 (c) nonprofit that accepts donations at their PayPal address texasstardonations@gmail.com