“Universal K9 Alerts all Students to False Information given by Government”

In wake of universal k9s founder brad croft disappointing trial the government has continued to release false information pertaining to the alleged fraud committed against the VA. The government is now saying that since fraud was committed against the VA all the handler and dog training was also fraudulently given, this affecting thousands of cases brought by the good work k9s and their handlers have done. However the government theory is flawed and here is how.

There is no proof that the training given by universal k9 does not meet or exceed industry standards. In the simple fact that the majority of universal k9 students have gone out and were successful in finding drugs and making cases proves the training was excellent. An alleged false statement on an application does not somehow void all of the training individuals receive from Uk9. UK9 classroom instruction was given by Wes Keeling, Dustin Bragg and Jonthan Lowrance, all who are TCOLE instructors and employed as current Police officers in the state of Texas. In trial the director of TVC said on the stand the school could be approved with just 1 instructor.

Point number 2 is all the law enforcement k9 policy requires and annual recertification for all k9 teams. That recert is usually performed by a nationally recognized org such as NNDDA or NAPAWADA and most UK9 students pass that directly after class before hitting the streets.

Point number 3 is the Supreme court that has ruled in Florida VS Clayton Harris that training and deployment records are the Gold Standard when it comes to litigating an criminal case. NO certificate from any organization trump’s training and deployment records.

All students who completed a UK9 handlers course and received an excellent trained dog can continue to use their dogs with no problem. Just like you were taught in class make sure you maintain excellent records. The government’s case against Croft is not over and the appeal still needs to be heard.

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